Edition full of vitality and content for Lineapelle 103

Original content by: Lineapelle

Despite the complex economic situation, LINEAPELLE 103, held at Fiera Milano Rho from 20 to 22 February 2024, celebrates the conclusion of a particularly vital edition that opens up glimmers of confidence for the leather, luxury, and design supply chain.

Twenty-five thousand three hundred seventy-six sector operators (up on the February and September 2023 editions) animated with their interest and search for novelty the stands of the 1,167 exhibitors at LINEAPELLE who showcased collections and projects (reference season: Spring-Summer 2025) characterised by strong innovative research and a clear propensity for diversification of markets, proposals, and destinations.

The influx of foreign operators was significant (39% of the total), with a prevalence of buyers from France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, the United States, and China.

The vitality of LINEAPELLE 103 and its ability to open up new horizons even in a particularly worrying market moment, found expression and (great) interest in all the contents that enriched the exhibition experience, starting with the success of the six Lineapelle Designers Edition fashion shows. Very positive feedback also for the first edition of Lineapelle Interiors / Leather Duets, a business culture exhibition that staged a sequence of installations, each of which was represented by an exclusive leather design project shared between a made-in-Italy leather manufacturer and a furniture company. There was also great involvement for In The Making Atto II (an interconnected and multidisciplinary space where visitors to LINEAPELLE were able to take part in a series of craft workshops using leather) and for the second edition of the Science Based Fashion Talks, opportunities for debate and sharing aimed at discovering and defining green strategies for the entire supply chain.

A very profitable edition for Splenda Leather
Splenda Leather attends all editions of Lineapelle in Milan. It is a perfect occasion to perceive new trends in terms of tanning process and leather design.

It is also a great opportunity to strengthen ties with our clients and suppliers. To all of you, thank you very much for visiting us and receiving us. We return home with the firm conviction that, despite the uncertain economic times that many industrial sectors are going through, the health of our industry is strong and we have a good future ahead of us.

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A formidable edition of Lineapelle Fair

Original content by: Lineapelle Fair

The 102 edition of Lineapelle, the most important exhibition dedicated to the global fashion, luxury, and design industry, consolidates its international leadership by positioning itself as an authentic beacon in the context of a complex economic phase characterised by a widespread slowdown and a limited possibility of defining production and commercial programmes.

Lineapelle 102 (dedicated to the Fall-Winter 2024-2025 season) hosted 1,330 exhibitors and welcomed a 25% increase in the number of professional operators compared to the September 2022 edition: +26% Italian visitors, +22% those from abroad, arriving from 109 countries, with a particular dynamism of those from France and China, Japan and South Korea, confirming the reassuring return of Asian buyers to the fair.

«All the exhibition sectors at Lineapelle 102,» commented President Gianni Russo, «showed remarkable vitality. Creativity and the ability to involve and stimulate the various operators were the strong points of a show whose international leadership cannot be questioned and is even stronger after this edition».

Lineapelle 102 reaffirmed the value of the exhibition synergy with Simac Tanning Tech (the international event with the most qualified offer of machinery and technology for the tanning, footwear, and leather goods industries) held concurrently at Fiera Milano Rho. A synergy that involved, in total, over 28,000 visitors.

The next edition of Lineapelle, number 103 (Spring-Summer 2025 season), will take place from 20 to 22 February 2024, again in the Fiera Milano Rho premises.

Splenda Leather in Milan

For Splenda Leather, this new attendance at Lineapelle Fair has meant a new opportunity to consolidate our international activity, expand horizons and perspectives, learn about the new trends in our sector and strengthen our personal and close relationship with our customers and partners. We are already looking forward to the next edition.

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The health of the tanning sector is strong and the future is hopeful

Original content by: La Conceria

Let’s start with a summary of the numbers: “The 1,161 exhibitors at Lineapelle 101,” reads a note, “from 42 countries (61.7 percent Italian, 38.3 per cent foreign), welcomed more than 22,000 buyers and trade professionals to their stands. In other words, “42 percent more than the previous edition dedicated to summer collections (February 2022), 6 percent more than the winter edition (September 2022).” This would be enough, then, to share that this edition, which came in the midst of a complex and slow economic situation, was “energetic and superstimulating.”

Splenda Leather in Milan

Splenda Leather has participated in this new edition of Lineapelle Fair. Undoubtedly one of the most relevant events in the sector and one that we have attended for many years.

This has been a highly positive edition. Once the global health emergency is over, we have once again been able to hold numerous meetings with suppliers and customers and we have been able to perceive first-hand the new imminent trends in our sector. And, above all, we have come back with a conclusion: the health of our sector is strong and the future hopeful.

Energetic, superstimulating

“It was supposed to be the edition of the complete return to the pre-pandemic dimension and which, as its slogan stated, set itself the goal of making tomorrow bloom,” Lineapelle writes. So, it did.” Dedicated to the 2024 summer season and held February 21-23, 2023, at Fieramilano Rho, the 101st edition of the show “closed under the banner of great energy and a series of stylistic and business stimuli, which were confirmed by the high turnout of buyers and the quality of the networking work carried out at the fair. A result of great positivity confirmed by the fast-growing numbers, which consolidate its role as the only global reference show for the fashion, luxury and design supply chain.”

Renewed internationality

At the test of Lineapelle 101 (the fair that closed the train of exhibition events organized by the associations involved in Confindustria Moda) was the leather supply chain, which, after the great suffering of the pandemic, found a fair that had returned to its pre-Covid dimension. Here, then, was the hoped-for “return to pre-pandemic internationality,” with 41 per cent of visitors arriving from abroad and a particular brilliance on the part of visitors from Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, as far as Europe is concerned. Solid presence of Turkish operators, while from Asia very interesting and reassuring were the entries of Japanese and Korean buyers, along with the initial return of Chinese.”

Market Sensations

In terms of business, “Lineapelle 101 intercepted a complex economic phase, slowed down-after a positive 2022-by a series of factors (from the war in Ukraine to the inflationary trend) that, according to exhibitors’ statements, could nevertheless begin to unblock the market between the end of the first and the beginning of the second quarter, thanks also to the reopening of China.”

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LINEAPELLE 100: the edition of certainty

Content published by: Lineapelle

LINEAPELLE reaffirms that it represents a solid certainty for the fashion, luxury and design industries in an economic context dominated by worrying critical issues. The 100th edition of the exhibition, held at Fiera Milano Rho from 20 to 22 September 2022, drew unanimous comments from its 1,134 exhibitors, characterised by concrete and reassuring satisfaction, and opened its doors to visitors from 109 countries.

An attendance volume 32% higher than that of last February’s edition and which demonstrates, by virtue of the +73% increase in arrivals from abroad (added to the +10% from Italy) and subject to some unavoidable absences (Chinese buyers, for example), how LINEAPELLE has put the pandemic behind it. In particular, there was strong growth in entries from the United States, India, Mexico, Turkey, and all the main European markets, from France to the United Kingdom and from Portugal to Spain. Very interesting was the generalised finding of a significant lowering in the average age of visitors: younger, more motivated, and, above all, competent buyers and operators. An important signal for the future of LINEAPELLE and the entire supply chain.

«It was a beautiful, lively fair, rich in contents and prospects,» comments Fulvia Bacchi, CEO of LINEAPELLE, «with pavilions attended from the very first minute by a crowd of interested, convinced operators, coming, as in the past, from all over the world, and exhibitors who showed us all their satisfaction for the positive outcome of LINEAPELLE 100».

«It was a reassuring outcome for the entire supply chain,» reiterated LINEAPELLE president Gianni Russo, «especially since the economic situation in which we are operating creates enormous worries and problems, starting with the exponential increases in energy costs, which are beyond the control of operators. LINEAPELLE 100, however, made clear the great vitality of the entire sector, acting as the moment of effective restart».

There was great interest in the many projects with which LINEAPELLE chose to celebrate its 100th edition.

Splenda Leather has once again taken part in this leading fair, also in its 100th edition. We have finished our participation in the event highly satisfied with the contacts made and the synergies and exchange of knowledge that are generated in this scenario.

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Enthusiasm and synergies in Manhattan

Content published by: LINEAPELLE

A concrete level of interest, the establishment of important creative and commercial relationships, the implementation of a series of initiatives that have strengthened the value of working together in an increasingly decisive market for made in italy also in the light of all possible developments of the euro-dollar currency parity.


LINEAPELLE NEW YORK took place on 13 and 14 July 2022 in the usual exhibition spaces of the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. 119 exhibiting companies, 60 from Italy and 59 from abroad (one of which, Splenda Leather), divided as follows in terms of product categories: 91 tanneries, 8 manufacturers of accessories and components, 13 of fabrics and synthetics, and 7 of chemicals and other types. Reference season: Autumn-Winter 2023-2024, in which the exhibitors, taking their cue from the trends developed by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee, have declined in the first collection launches.


«The positive, sometimes enthusiastic comments,» says CEO Fulvia Bacchi, «of almost all exhibitors confirm the need for an event like Lineapelle New York, whose fixed presence in the American market for over 20 years has served and continues to serve to make our Made in Italy products known and to stabilise the business relationships of our companies. After the pandemic, we have noticed a clientele that is more attentive to sustainability issues and the added value that our products can provide, as well as a marked increase in interest on the part of the furniture and design destination». The exhibitors confirm: that the two days of LINEAPELLE NEW YORK made it possible to further engage the interest of the US market, which was already very active, and to assess its initial sensations in the light of the currency parity achieved, for the first time in twenty years, between the euro and the dollar. The show, therefore, activated a networking opportunity with established top brands and many potential new customers and start-ups looking for solutions to differentiate their supplier network in Europe and, above all, Italy.

«This New York City event is a designer’s dream,» wrote a LINEAPELLE NEW YORK buyer in one of her Instagram stories, posted during her visit to the Metropolitan Pavilion. It is an excellent summary of how the show has opened up new horizons, offering some much-appreciated promotional activities that have hit the mark. Like the exclusive One To One Meetings that involved customers and stakeholders at the fair. Their title explains the reason for their sell-out: Responsible Italian Leather Lounge. An analytical communication project on the green power and innovative and responsible value of Italian leather went hand in hand with the presentations held behind closed doors the day before Lineapelle New York (12 July 2022) with a group of US interior designers.

Having closed LINEAPELLE NEW YORK, the industry’s gaze shifts first to London and then to Milan. On Tuesday 6 September 2022, in fact, LINEAPELLE LONDON will return, presenting the Fall-Winter 2023-2024 trends in the usual setting of the Ham Yard Hotel. It will be an exciting prelude to the 100th edition of LINEAPELLE, scheduled to take place at Fieramilano Rho from 20 to 22 September 2022. A significant milestone will project the show into a new dimension. An event that goes beyond the usual exhibition perimeter enters the city with a series of activities, builds further synergies, and proposes itself as a catalyst of interest capable of involving, stimulating, and projecting into the future the entire supply sector for the fashion and luxury industry.

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Lineapelle: Recovering the vitality of the tanning sector

Content published by: World Footwear

The last edition of Lineapelle, held in Milan from the 22nd to the 24th of February, welcomed more than 960 exhibitors from 31 countries, who were visited by more than 13 000 buyers. According to the organization, the 99th edition of one of the most important exhibitions of leather, accessories, components and materials for the fashion and luxury industries, offered a “reassuring and long-awaited sign of vitality” to the entire supply chain in the context of a new normality. Despite the absence of Asian visitors, the organizers highlighted the entries from France, Spain, the US, Turkey, Germany, the UK and Portugal.

«This edition of Lineapelle, which presented the trends for Spring Summer 2023, confirmed its dominant role as a reference point in the exhibition context of the fashion & luxury industry and well represented an increasingly selective market, oriented towards the search for maximum quality and service», commented the president of Lineapelle, Gianni Russo. The “return to freedom” and the rediscovery of nature, beauty, quality and durability, characterized the last edition of Lineapelle.

Splenda Leather, present in Lineapelle

Splenda Leather was present at this new edition of Lineapelle. It was a new opportunity to personally interact with customers and colleagues from the sector, as well as a great opportunity to learn about the new trends that will guide the tanning processes in the coming years. In Lineapelle, signs of recovery of normal activity prior to the pandemic could be seen and, above all, the will of the tanning sector to grow and advance. At Splenda Leather, in conclusion, we are satisfied with the progressive recovery of regular activity in the celebration of fairs and we trust that normal dynamics will soon be recovered.

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A restart with a bang: more than 11.000 visitors at Lineapelle

Original content posted by: LA CONCERIA.

A restart with a bang. It is that of Lineapelle which closed its stands after three days of exhibitions and events that brought more than 11,000 visitors from over 70 countries to the fair.

Splenda Leather has been present at this fair, thus reactivating its international face-to-face activity. It has been a pleasant experience and a great satisfaction to be able to meet colleagues and clients again in such a special event as is certainly the case in Milan.

Restart with a bang

The return in the presence of Lineapelle, from 22 to 24 September at Fieramilano Rho «showed a reassuring energy and positivity» –writes the fair in a note–. More than 11,000 visitors, from over 70 countries, went to discover the collections for winter 2022/2023 presented by 725 exhibitors, demonstrating that the market has a concrete desire to restart the engines. The world, therefore, has returned to LINEAPELLE. And the exhibition confirms itself as «the best place to be» for searching materials for the manufacturing industry of fashion, accessories, design, automotive.

A turnout that we never imagined

«An excellent restart –comments the president of Lineapelle Gianni Russo–, with 725 exhibitors who have given life to a frenetic activity, presenting collections of the highest profile. We had a turnout that we never imagined could reach these levels. This gives us hope for a return to normality”. The panorama of the origins of visitors is very significant, on which the international restrictions due to the management of the pandemic weighed. In the top ten are Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. But non-EU countries (such as Switzerland and Turkey) also appear along with the United States. There was no shortage of representatives from major manufacturing countries (China, Brazil and Vietnam) and buyers from strategic markets such as the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

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