Exports of semi-tanned and finished leather start 2023 with increases

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Exports from the Spanish tanning industry began the year with significant increases in the subsectors of processed and semi-tanned leather. If 2022 closed setting foreign sales records not seen in decades, this year looks equally good, or better, for exporting companies in the sector.

Thus, according to data from the General Directorate of Customs, in January 2023 compared to the same month in 2022, exports of raw hides fell by 8.2% (1 million euros less), while those of semi-tanned leather shot up 24% (1.5 million euros more) and those of tanned leather increased 22.6% (6.5 million euros more).

When comparing the first month of 2023 with January of 2020, prior to the covid-19 pandemic, sales of raw hides fell by 24.1%, while semi-tanned leather increased by 45.3% and tanned, 21.1%.


Regarding imports of hides and leather, in January 2023 compared to 2022, purchases abroad of raw hides fell by 15.4% (0.8 million euros less); imports of semi-tanned leather, 16% (1.4 million euros less) and, finally, those of tanned leather increased 12.1% (2.5 million euros more).

Compared to January 2020, sales of raw hides decreased by 37.5% and semi-tanned leather by 20.7%, while those of tanned leather increased by 14.8%.

Consequently, the trade balance for leather in January 2023 showed an imbalance in general terms in favor of exports of 19.3 million euros.

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Towards a Zero Impact of the tanning industry in Europe

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The Confederation of National Associations of Tanners of the European Community (Cotance) and the European union IndustriALL organized in mid-April in Valencia the conference Towards a Zero Impact of the Tanning Industry in Europe. With this meeting, the aim was to share different business and labor strategies to make the tanning industry a more sustainable and respectful sector with the health and safety of its workers. Among other topics, those attending the conference spoke about how to reduce the carbon footprint, as well as actions aimed at minimizing the accident rate in workplaces. During the day, a couple of visits were also made to two Spanish tanneries.

The event was attended by, among other actors from the tanning industry, representatives of Cotance such as Manuel Ríos and Gustavo González-Quijano; Carmen Arias, general secretary of the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC), and Anna García, director of the Spanish tanning employers’ association Acexpiel, as well as members of the IndustriALL and UGT-FICA unions and the European Safety Agency and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).

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Industry celebrates World Leather Day 2023

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The industry came together on April 26 to celebrate the second-ever World Leather Day, organised by Leather Naturally and the Leather Working Group (LWG). Launched in 2022, this day is an opportunity for the industry to unite in celebrating leather as a material and spread messaging on its unique advantages across many industries.

In the words of the organisers: “There are many complicated messages about how to live more sustainably, but leather is not complicated. Simply put, without it, around 10 million tonnes would go to landfill».

“In a world where we are trying to do more with less, keep waste to a minimum, and where we have the expertise and the technology to turn this by-product into a versatile, long-lasting material we have a responsibility to do just that.”

Longevity is a highlight of the celebrations this year, and Leather Naturally noted how our global environmental impact can be reduced by buying fewer things and choosing those that last a long time. This year, World Leather Day celebrated the long-lasting beauty of leather and its place in the circular economy.

To get involved today on social media, you can use the hashtags #WorldLeatherDay and #WorldLeatherDay2023, tag Leather Naturally and Leather Working Group and direct visitors to their websites to learn more about the leather industry.

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