How does coronavirus affect the spanish tannery industry?

13 / 05 / 2020

Content posted by: Lederpiel

Igualada is the city with the highest concentration of tanning industries in Spain. And it was also the first city, along with other surrounding villages, to decree the total confinement of its neighbours due to the coronavirus health alert. No one could leave or enter and the public saw their activities restricted.

Like Igualada, the industrial activity related to tanning practically stopped all over Spain. Only a few essential assumptions remained, such as the removal of skins from slaughterhouses and their conservation treatment or beamhouse processes, allowed only when it could be proven that supplies were produced for the food and pharmaceutical industry, such as collagen and gelatine.

In April, Lederpiel interviewed Anna García, director of the Spanish Tanning Association (Acexpiel). The detection of the impact on the sector from the moment the epidemic arises in China, the cancellation of orders, the delay in payments, the adoption of ERTOs in companies or the difficult recovery that is glimpses after the crisis, are some of the issues addressed in this conversation.

You can access the full interview HERE.