Cosmetics and fertilizers from leftover hair of leather tanning

09 / 06 / 2021

Content posted by: LEDERPIEL.

The hair left over from the leather tanning process can be used as raw material in the manufacture of cosmetics and fertilizers. This is demonstrated by an investigation by the research group of the Igualada University Campus-UdL A3 Leather Innovation Center, focused on the use of a problematic residue for the tanning industry such as hair.

The use of the residue has been made from the extraction of its protein in order to obtain keratin products that represent an added value for other industries, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. This protein thus becomes raw material to make, for example, face and hair creams, plant fertilizers and can even be used as a supplement in animal feed.

Several companies in the cosmetic and fertilizer sector have already been interested in the product and it is expected that it can be commercialized shortly.

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