What happens if we stop using leather?

23 / 06 / 2020

Content posted by: One 4 Leather

Mankind consumes a lot of meat worldwide, and much of it comes from farm livestock. But what if we stopped using the resulting hides and chose to use only so-called «vegan skin» and other alternative materials?

This by-product, animal skin from livestock farming and the food industry, would not have a new use and this would have a major impact on global waste generation.

This short video explains the consequences in a didactic and understandable way:

In short, about 240 million head of cattle are slaughtered each year around the world, and the combined weight of all those parts of the animal that are not used for food, such as its skin, is equivalent to a thousand times the weight of the Eiffel Tower. The only way to process these elements would be to bury or incinerate them, which would have a significant environmental impact. Its reuse for leather production, then, is a necessary alternative not only for the production of high quality products, but also for the future of the planet.

Leather is a natural material with many advantages and applications; in fact, human beings have been using it as a material that protects, resists, and endures for thousands of years. Today, this material not only has remarkable qualities but is also a sustainable option, as long as it opts for responsible production methods.

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